Assessment criteria for The IBC Advanced Business Management Course

We urge all learners to fully read and understand how work is to be assessed. If followed, there is no reason why high pass marks cannot be achieved.
0. Introduction to the course
Remote meeting
Course discussionRemote meeting only
1. Business Development
1.1 Business development Five questions to be answered
1.2 MarketingComplete branding exercise and write a basic marketing plan
1.3 Building professional networksShort essay, 1,000-1,500 words
1.4 Client collaboration Five questions to be answered
2. Practice Management
2.1 Practice development meetings Complete documents supplied for a PDM
2.2 Managing staff within chambers Five questions to be answered
2.3 Building and presenting business plans Two worksheets to complete
3. Chambers Management
3.1 Governance Multiple choice questions
3.2 FinanceMultiple choice questions
4. Leadership Development
Classroom day
One-to-one remote via Zoom x3 sessions
4.1 Know yourself and others around you 1,250–2,500-word essay
4.2 Personal change management and developmentFive questions to be answered

What we are looking for in your submitted work

The aim of having written assessments is to embed learning from the course content and demonstrate your knowledge of the subjects.

Four methods of assessment will be used on this course:

  1. Five questions to be answered – We expect delegates to submit answers to demonstrate their full knowledge of the subject. Two or three paragraphs should be sufficient to answer each question fully.
Marking criteria Apportioned points
The question was answered appropriately – not too long or too short4
Learner’s knowledge of the subject 8
Precision and clarity of information4
Extra information added that is not in the course content4
Total per question 20
  1. Multiple choice questions – Answered and submitted online. Each question will carry two points towards a final mark. The pass mark is 80%, and you will only have two attempts to pass.
  1. Essays – Each essay or project submission will be assessed on its own merits. They will be assessed based on the table below:
Marking criteriaApportioned points
Understanding the brief Keeping to the brief and word count. 5 pts
Structure Professional layout, clarity, and style of the document. Good grammar and sentence structure. 10 pts
Introduction An effective introduction that sets the scene for the body of the essay. 15 pts
Knowledge and understanding Depth of understanding of the subject.25 pts
Argument and critical thinking and creativity Demonstrating a balanced approach, highlighting alternative views and opinions. 20 pts
Use of external sources Demonstrable research sources and references. 10 pts
Conclusion Strong articulate conclusion, showing ability to synthesise findings. 15 pts
Pass mark 70%

General submission arrangements

Please note the following:

  • Answers to questions should be written to demonstrate your knowledge of the subject.
  • Any uploaded files should be Word/Excel/PowerPoint documents only.
  • Always use page numbers, and documents should contain your name and the date.
  • Essay submissions outside of the word count will not be marked.
  • Work must be submitted online to the relevant assessment criteria.
  • Please keep your own copy of all your submitted work in case of unlikely IT failures.